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Pre - Set Flights

  • Hazed and Confused Hazy Flight

    5.5% | 7%| 6.7%
    3 x 6oz

    Night Gallery, Moon Boots, Hi-Fi

  • Pucker Up Sour Flight

    5% | 5% | 5%
    3 x 6oz

    Duotang, Cool Down, Pleasure Craft

  • New Kids on the Block New Releases Flight

    4.5% | 7% | 4.3%
    3 x 6oz

    Flexi, Moon Boots, 8-Track

Wine By The Glass

  • Basa Blanco Telmo Rodriguez

    6 oz·$11.50
    750ml Bottle·$44

    Rueda, Spain

    Direct, Fresh and expressive

  • Monastrell Parajes Del Valle

    6 oz·$11
    9 oz·$15
    1 Litre Bottle·$43


    Light, Fruity, Spicy

Wine By The Bottle

  • Riesling Pewsey Vale Vineyard

    750ml Bottle·$43

    Eden Valley, South Australia

    Flavourful, Refreshing, Soft Natural Acidity.

  • Sparkling Rose Meinklang Prosa

    750ml Bottle·$43

    Burgenland, Austria

    Deadly Crushable

  • Red Blend Les Lunes Cosmic Blend

    750ml Bottle·$47

    California, USA

    Foresty and Juicy

Night Cap

  • Wheated Bourbon WL Weller Special Reserve

    1.5 oz (served neat)·$8.5

    Caramel, honey, butterscotch and a soft woodiness

Rated PG (Non-Alcoholic)

  • New Level

    New Level Painapple Punch

    10 oz·$4.5
    15 oz·$6.5
  • Pink Lemonade

    Pink Lemonade Mocktail

    10 oz·$4.5
    15 oz·$6.5
  • True Buch

    True Buch Nitro Hibiscus Tea

    10 oz·$4.5
    15 oz·$6.5
  • Grizzly Paw

    Grizzly Paw Orange Cream Soda

    355ml Can·$3.25
  • Grizzly Paw

    Grizzly Paw Root Beer

    355 ml Can·$3.25
  • True Buch Kombucha

    True Buch Kombucha Hibiscus Lemonade

    355ml Bottle·$6.50
  • North Water

    North Water Sparkling Water

    355ml Can·$2.5
  • OverRipe New Rosé

    OverRipe New Rosé Shrub Cocktail

    355ml Can·$6.50


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