Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Noble Pie


Check here for the weekly menu.

Noble Pie Taproom Hours

Thursday 3pm-8ish*

Friday 3pm-8ish*

Saturday 3pm-8ish*

Sunday 12pm-4ish*

*or until the dough runs out


Is Noble Pie still doing Pre-Orders & Curbside Pickup?

Check the Noble Pie website for up to date info on curbside pickup. Noble Pie does have a limited number of pre-order curbside pies available each week.

Where is Noble Pie located?

Noble Pie operates out of the upstairs taproom at Eighty-Eight. Take a peek in the small kitchen and you will find Pizza Mike slingin’ pies!

When does the dough usually run out?

Noble Pie is very popular and you will know why once you get a taste! Pies usually run out within 2-3 hours so arrive as early as you can!

Why is the quantity limited?

Noble Pie is a one-man operation who hand creates every aspect of your pie. Mike ferments all the dough, preps all ingredients and fires each pie himself.

How long is the wait when I order pizza?

Wait times vary night to night depending on demand, but on average:

When ordering whole pies, the wait is usually about 45-60 minutes during peak time. But not to worry, there is plenty of beer and neon to keep you company.

How big is the pizza?

This is New York-style pie and that means big! Whole pies are 18 inches (8 slices) and good for 3-4 people.

There are also some limited slices available at the start of service if you’re early enough. Otherwise, grab a whole pie...just go for it, we promise it’s worth it!

I was told pizza was sold out but still see pizzas coming out of the kitchen?

That’s right. Even though Noble Pie is sold out, orders that were already placed are still being served!