Skeleton Crew Barley Wine

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Sweet Dreams

Between the intersection of cool and crazy, we present to you Skeleton Crew, a ridiculously big Fig Newton Barley Wine.

Skeleton Crew was first introduced in March 2020, while the city was in lockdown and we had a bit of spare time and tank space to play with.

  • First brew Mar 8 2022
  • Alcohol 10.8%
  • IBU 44
  • Appearance Clear, dark amber, approaching brown, with a ruby highlight to it. Thick off-white head
  • Aroma Rich caramel, toffee, heavy Fig Newton, slight oakiness. heavy plum. slightly boozy aroma
  • Flavour Strong and intense. Many layers, bread, toffee, biscuit, fruity, nutty
  • Mouthfeel Very full bodied, viscous creaminess, warm alcohol feel, with low-to-moderate carbonation
  • Key ingredients Munich and caramel malts, fig newtons, aged on American oak and figs
  • Award ABA Gold Medal (2021), ABA Bronze Medal (2022)