Leisure Centre HDHC NEIPA

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Dive in Hop Heads

Dive in hop heads...new adventures in hop technology!!

For Leisure Center we've used multiple types of hop technologies with several hopping techniques to achieve very high dry hopping rates, huge aromas, and juicy flavors while minimizing grassy notes and vegetal flavors. Technically, this hopping rate would be 3x bigger than anything we've done yet! 30 grams per liter!! 

  • First brew Jul 2 2021
  • Alcohol 6.3%
  • IBU 35
  • Appearance Golden yellow, thick haze, thick white head
  • Aroma Heavy berry and stone fruits up front. Layered underneath you'll find citrus, pine, grapefruit. Super dank.
  • Flavour Sweet, but not too sweet, lots of stone fruits, very juicy. Slight grapefruit.
  • Mouthfeel Low carb, really smooth and creamy, full bodied. Slight lingering bitterness.
  • Key ingredients Ekuanot ,Citra, Incognito