Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

True Romance

Dark Plum Sour

4.5% | 7 IBU

cans Only

  • Luxurious Sourness

Plum, lactobacillus, midnight wheat…who says romance is dead?

Cue the xylophones - True Romance is here! Our small batch series is all about experimentation so naturally we are trying something a little new with this one. We brewed this sour beer with midnight wheat (in addition to pilsner and wheat) which provides a darker color and an ever-so-slight roasted note. During fermentation we added loads of plum puree (100g per litre) which produces a rich sienna colour and adds some nice tart complexity. We get intense floral and fruity aromas, a velvety mouth feel and a deep dark fruit punch. It's a wild ride!

Fall in love fast, cause this sour will only be around for a short time

First brew

Mar 23 2022


Muted purple, burnt sienna


Floral, fruity, roasted notes


Earthy, floral, plum, slight roasted malt, sweet


Soft, velvet, smooth, medium carbonation

Key ingredients

Plum, midnight wheat, Lactobacillus.