Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Super Premium

Akita Rice Lager

5.4% | 12 IBU

taproom & cans


For Super Premium Extra 2.0, we used what we learned from last year’s version and coupled that with our new reverse osmosis water system to make an even crispier treat for you! For the third time in under a year, we turned our brew-kettle into a giant rice cooker for the Akita Otome rice. The rice addition gives this lager an amazing floral quality and helps the beer finish with a clean, crisp profile. Just in time for the real warm weather, this beer is a hit on the patio or in the shade by the river

We designed this beer to compliment the huge, layered flavors that SHIKI MENYA has come to be known for. The beer is 25% rice which adds an amazing floral quality and helps the beer finish with a clean crisp, profile. This beer uses a single hop, Spalter Select, which adds some nice OG pepper and spice notes. This delicious combo makes it a very appropriate compliment to any patio, which suits us all just fine.

Here today and gone tomorrow, this is the premium! Only available at ’88 and Shiki Menya, so don’t sleep on it.

First brew

Apr 27 2021


Clear, straw gold, white head


Spicy, floral, slightly grassy, herbal, slight citrus fruit


Dry, crisp and clean. Slight bready backbone. Clean, really clean


Medium high carb, off dry, no bitterness

Key ingredients

Pilsner, Akita rice, Spalter select