Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Super Premium

Akita Rice Lager

5.4% | 12 IBU

taproom & cans


Oh baby! As if patios and sunshine weren’t going to be enough of treat after a long long longgggg winter, we are coming out to party with our good friends SHIKI MENYA, bringing you the crispiest treat you have had in a while!

Shiki Menya is an absolute force in the Calgary food scene, and we could not be happier to have had their help to create a premium rice lager together. To make things even more special, Koki and the crew at Shiki hooked us up with some amazing Akita Otome rice. This is an amazing full circle story as the Akita Prefecture is where Koki grew up before he and his family moved to Canada in 1988! How about that for fate!

We designed this beer to compliment the huge, layered flavors that SHIKI MENYA has come to be known for. The beer is 25% rice which adds an amazing floral quality and helps the beer finish with a clean crisp, profile. This beer uses a single hop, Spalter Select, which adds some nice OG pepper and spice notes. This delicious combo makes it a very appropriate compliment to any patio, which suits us all just fine.

Here today and gone tomorrow, this is the premium! Only available at ’88 and Shiki Menya, so don’t sleep on it.

First brew

Apr 27 2021


Clear, straw gold, white head


Spicy, floral, slightly grassy, herbal, slight citrus fruit


Dry, crisp and clean. Slight bready backbone. Clean, really clean


Medium high carb, off dry, no bitterness

Key ingredients

Pilsner, Akita rice, Spalter select