Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Sugar Shack

Pecan Maple Stout

8% | 25 IBU

taproom & cans

  • Collaboration with Chartier

This beer was brewed in collaboration with Chartier, which is a French-Canadian restaurant and bakery in Beaumont, AB (near Edmonton). They are famous for their rustic-chic atmosphere, their delicious food, and their amazing desserts. They also mix up some tasty craft cocktails!

After sampling many desserts, we settled on their Pecan Maple Whiskey Fudge Brownie, and decided to try to mimic it in a beer! To this beer, we added 24 Bottles of Sortilege Maple Whiskey, which is a whiskey blended with maple syrup. Chartier uses this same whiskey to make their brownies.

In addition to the whiskey, we added MORE MAPLE SYRUP to really hammer home the flavours, and topped it off with an organic, allergen free pecan extract which really sends this one to the finish line.

The result is an extremely complex beer with a huge body, rich aroma, big flavours, and loads of sweetness. Prominent notes of chocolate, vanilla, maple syrup, and toasted pecan.

Please note: This beer contains lactose and pecan extract. The pecan extract is allergen free.

First brew

Dec 30 2020


Dark, dark brown, almost black, with a thick brown/tan head


Maple syrup, chocolate, vanilla, pecan


Sweet, chocolatey, rich


Creamy, sticky, full-bodied, low carbonation

Key ingredients

Caramel steam malt, brown malt, biscuit malt, chocolate malt, maple whiskey, cocoa nibs, vanilla, maple syrup, pecan extract