Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.


Imperial Sour

6.8% | 10 IBU

taproom & cans

Sketchbook - Imperial Sour

In the arms race to put more and more fruit into beers, sometimes you just gotta say “NOT TODAY FRUIT, NOT TODAY!!”
Seriously though, we do love ourselves some Fruity P, Camp C and all the slushies in between, but for this tasty beer we opted to drop the fruit, focus on the hops and wooooweee does this baby POP!
Sketchbook is the latest in our small batch sour series and it has received the absolute mightiest of lupulin powder treatments by using Yakima Chief Cryo-Pop blend exclusively!
Cryo-Pop is an experimental hop blend from the geniuses at Yakima Chief Hops that showcases hops selected for their potency and ability to drive aroma and flavor. Soured with our house strain and fermented on an ultra clean American Ale yeast, the mango, pineapple, peach and coconut flavours you get are all from the healthy 12 g/L dry hop. Wrap that all up with just the slightest sweet finish to balance the tart and dare we say its our best sour yet!

First brew

Sep 14 2021


Golden straw color, slight haze, with a white head


Grapefruit, candy apple, huge tropical and citrus notes


Citrus fruit, sour, slightly sweet, tropical fruits and berries


light-medium body, medium carbonation, sour finish, with a slight sweetness.

Key ingredients

Pilsner, Wheat Malt, Lactobacillus, and Cryo Pop hops