Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Skeleton Crew

Barley Wine

10.8% | 44 IBU

cans Only

  • Sweet Dreams

Between the intersection of cool and crazy, we present to you Skeleton Crew, a ridiculously big Fig Newton Barley Wine.

Skeleton Crew was first introduced in March 2020, while the city was in lockdown and we had a bit of spare time and tank space to play with.

Coming in at a cheek warming 10.8%, Skeleton Crew is as complex as it is boozy. Caramel, molasses, dried fruit, biscuit, figs! And that is just the nose! As it warms up, the richness and *ahem* alcohol shines as well. It might not be the first thing that you reach for on the patio, but it could be the last!

This is a super limited run so keep your eyes peeled!

First brew

Mar 18 2020


Clear, dark amber, approaching brown, with a ruby highlight to it. Thick off-white head


Rich caramel, toffee, heavy Fig Newton, slight oakiness. heavy plum. slightly boozy aroma


Strong and intense. Many layers, bread, toffee, biscuit, fruity, nutty


Very full bodied, viscous creaminess, warm alcohol feel, with low-to-moderate carbonation

Key ingredients

Munich and caramel malts, fig newtons, aged on American oak and figs