Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Shiki Black

Black Lager

5% | 15 IBU

taproom & cans

Our collab Akita Rice Lager from Eighty-Eight and Shiki Menya is back, and this time, we dressed it up in style.

Our original Super Premium collab was a 2021 summer favourite so we knew it needed a comeback -- but we couldn't come back without a brand new look. But don't worry, black pairs with everything!

Using reverse osmosis, it starts with a clean water profile to go with the Akitakomachi rice and pilsner malt base. The darkness comes from a small addition of midnight wheat, so, while the beer may look heavy, it’s still a light-bodied lager, with a slight roasted note. This beer is designed to compliment the huge flavours at Shiki Menya, as well as a seat on the patio. It's ultra smooth and easy-drinking. If you've never tried a dark beer, this is the start for YOU, friend!

The fun stuff: to brew this stylish lager, we first had to cook the rice in our mash tun -- so, while the brewers get to be chefs for a day, it allows us to get the maximum extraction of flavour.

The fun fact: Koki grew up in the Akita Prefecture and moved to Canada in 1988...this collab had to be fate!

First brew

Oct 29 2021


Very dark brown, verging on black, allowing a little light through, tan/off white head


Malty sweetness and slight roasted notes, clean lager yeast character, with herbal notes from the hops


Sweet malt flavour, light roasted, but no burnt notes, spicy and herbal hop flavours, with a smooth residual sweetness at the end


Light bodied, clean, medium carbonation, and no astringencies, despite the roasted malt

Key ingredients

Akita rice, Midnight wheat, Spalter Select hops, lager yeast