Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Pick Me Up

Tiramisu Stout

9% | 30 IBU

taproom & cans

  • Milk Sugar

We have done sours, westies and a whole lot of hazies, but up to now we have yet to explore the delightful world of stouts in our small batch program. The wait is over!

Thank your brewers for this one as “Pick Me Up” was one helluva labour of love. To achieve max stout and pack in as much flavour as physically possible, we actually needed to brew the beer twice using 5 different malts, loads of flaked oats and then over 15 kg of lady fingers (note from brewers: Do you know how god damn light a lady finger is!!) This big grain bill provides a huge sweet body and layers of roasty flavours.

After the mash, we added milk sugar and boiled the wort for over 2 hours, which helps to caramelize the sugars and create a richer, thicker beer. After fermentation, we added heaps of Madagascar bourbon vanilla, cocoa nibs, and freshly roasted and ground coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. made specifically for this beer!

The result is a big imperial pastry stout, with a super creamy body, sticky sweetness and a welcoming bitterness imparted from the coffee. Loads of coffee and vanilla up front, followed by rich chocolate, biscuits, and finished off with a nice boozy linger. It’s an entirely drinkable dessert that will become your night cap if you’re not paying attention, just the way we like it!

First brew

Dec 30 2020


Dark brown, almost black, with a thick brown/tan head.


Coffee, cake, vanilla, chocolate


Sweet, coffee, slight bitterness, chocolate, boozy


Creamy, thick, low carb, lingering sweetness

Key ingredients

Biscuit malt, caramel and brown malts, flaked oats, demerara and milk sugar, cocoa nibs, vanilla, coffee, lady fingers