Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Orange Parfait

Lactose White Ale

5% | 15 IBU

taproom Only

  • Experimenting with our favourites

For this beer, we really wanted to push the concept of a white ale into a thicker, bigger-bodied version for the winter months. To make it happen, we took our base White ale recipe, and then amped it up with 40 kg of blood orange purée and a healthy dose of lactose.  The result is a creamy full bodied white ale with loads of apricot & orange flavour and aroma.

*Contains lactose*

First brew

Oct 1 2019


Light orange/golden yellow, thick white head, slightly hazy


Peach, apricot, orange, passionfruit


Sweet, citrus, tropical, juicy


Nicely carbed, semi sweet, off-dry finish, creamy texture

Key ingredients

Saison 2 yeast, blood orange puree, lactose