Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Li'l Monsters Pils

Charity Beer!

4.7% | 30 IBU

taproom Only

  • Children's Cottage Charity Fundraiser

This beer, our charity beer is a German Pilsner, dry-hopped with German hops.

But less about the beer....and more about the charity:

We have dedicated this pilot brew to a local YYC charity - Children's Cottage. We have partnered up with Wee Wild Ones (a childcare program provider), who hosts an annual Monster March to raise money for the Children's Cottage. With Covid limiting their walkathon event this year, they reached out to friends to see if we could help with the fundraising efforts.

Find info here - they still have a ‘personal’ walkathon happening if you are interested to participate and walk off some of those pints 😉 https://www.weewildones-yyc.com/monster-march

The Children’s Cottage Society is dedicated to building strong healthy children and safe nurturing families through prevention programs and support services. Often, services are especially needed for women and marginalized groups. At Eighty-Eight, this strongly aligns with our values of inclusivity and focusing on organizations that support women. The Children’s Cottage has also been affected by Covid and the strain it has put on donations and fundraising, so we are happy to help local organizations continue these efforts.

First brew

Sep 17 2020


Pale straw colour, with a white foam that is evenly dispersed


Spicy and lemongrass notes, complimented by notes of mango, white grapes, and grapefruit


Bready and earthy, which rolls into a dry, fruity and slightly bitter finish!


Dry, medium body with a subtle bitter finish and a medium carb

Key ingredients

Pilsner malt, Hallertau Mittlefrueh, Hallertau Blanc