Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Just What I Needed

Imperial Hazy

8.5% | 21 IBU

taproom & cans

  • Collab with the Establishment

When @estbrew and @eightyeightbrewco get together, we pull out all the stops. That means using a brand-new Reverse Osmosis water system, a Hop Egg to dry-hop under pressure, and an old German method of naturally carbonating beer called Spunding! Plus we got to combine the brewing minds behind all your favourite beers to create a recipe worthy of this momentous collaboration!

Just What I Needed might actually be just what you need! An Imperial Hazy IPA with a soft, creamy body and pumped full of Cryo Pop and Citra, Citra Cryo and Citra Incognito hops. Your nose will catch the pineapple, mango, and candy right before your tongue grabs the citrus fruits and sweetness. It is sticky, bitter, sweet and big, the way it should be!

First brew

Mar 21 2022


Hazy golden/straw, with a thick foamy head


Pineapple, heavy mango, red berries and candy. Layered notes of tropical fruit. Dank.


Tropical fruits, sweetness balanced by slight bitterness and big alcohol. Low malt character.


Full bodied, but with an extremely silky texture.

Key ingredients

Flaked oats, malted oats, red wheat, cryo pop, cryo citra, citra