Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Hydration Station

Orange Hazy Pale

4.9% | 25 IBU

taproom & cans

  • Orange Drink

Hydration Station is a light bodied Hazy Pale Ale that is made to quench, hydrate, and improve performance! Errrr, okay, we cant actually promise those last two, but worth a try, right?

For this beer we leaned into the orange hard, using sweet orange peel, orange puree, and Mandarin Bavaria hops to conjure up those sweet memories of gym class Orange Drink. To balance things out and to provide those much needed electrolytes, a healthy dose of pink Himalayan sea salt was brought to the party. The result is a beautifully sessionable, low bitterness pale that is beaming with orange. Nothing cuts through thirst better!

Proceeds from this beer will help support Calgary Olympic hopefuls Tyson Langelaar, Micah Zandee-Hart & Ryan Sommer.

First brew

Apr 1 2019


Hazy and orange, with a white head


Orange zest, berries, citrus


Slightly sweet, slightly salty, loads of citrus, floral, and berry flavors


Light bodied, but still soft and smooth. Low carb, low-medium bitterness

Key ingredients

Flaked oats, flaked wheat, Mandarina Bavaria hops, pink Himalayan sea salt, sweet orange peel, Cara Cara orange puree