Hans Gruber

Hopped Hef

7.2% | 45 IBU

taproom Only

  • Yippie-Ki-Yay

Christmas just ain't Christmas in 1988 without John saving Nakatomi Plaza.  But every hero needs his heel, and this one is for Hans.

A classic German style Hefeweizen brewed heavily with wheat and then pumped up with Hallertau Blanc and Lemondrop hops during the boil and dry hop.  It has nice a subtle fruity flavor to balance the bitterness and finishes with a characteristic clove spice. It may be unorthodox, but it’s still Christmas!

No growler fills on small-batch brews, sorry!

First brew

Nov 23 2018


Golden with a thick head


Cloves and banana


Subtle wine, fruit and melon flavor to balance the bitter



Wheat, pilsner, and German Wheat Beer yeast. Hallertau Blanc and Lemondrop hops.