Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Fun Dip

Session NEPA

4.5% | 32 IBU

taproom Only

  • Flavour Packed

Hazy New England IPA, mashed at high temperatures to ensure plenty of residual sugars to compliment a creamy body. Brewed with flaked wheat, flaked oats, chit malt and pilsner. No-boil hops, and a pile of Hallertau Blanc, Cascade, and El Dorado in the whirlpool to ensure a non-bitter, juicy finish. Fermented on our house kveik strain to throw plenty of tropical notes.

First brew

Jun 17 2020


Hazy gold with a thick white head.


Creamsicle, peaches, white grapes, hint of vanilla, citrus


Sweet, but balanced with body and hops


Creamy but light-medium in body, medium carbonation, not too bitter, but lingers at the end

Key ingredients

Flaked wheat, flaked oats, chit malt, Hallertau blanc, Cascade, El Dorado, Kveik yeast