Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Fruity P

Triple Berry Sour

6.9% | 37 IBU

taproom & cans

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Fruity P - Triple Berry Sour

After several workshops, an all-hands marketing meeting, and a few thousand dollars in design fees, we arrived at an amazing, new, sleek and easy to say name for our beloved, Triple Berry Sour that also manages to steer well clear of potential legal issues, introducing..... FRUITY P!

A sour beer that is fermented on a triple berry combo of blackberry, raspberry and blueberries before being heavily dry hopped with Idaho 7. There is a little bit of lactose added as well to amp up the body and soften the mouthfeel. Purple, hazy, fruity, hoppy and bright, it blurs all sorts of style lines which is what makes it so great!

First brew

Sep 16 2019


Hazy pink/purple, cream top


Fruit smoothie, red berries, fruity hops


Creamy with big body


Berry sweet tart

Key ingredients

Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, Idaho 7 dry hop, lactose milk sugar