Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Cheat Code

Phantasm NEIPA

6.8% | 28 IBU

taproom & cans

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It's not cheating, it's @phantasm.nz !!

Can the hazy get even juicier??!! Well we got our hands on some elusive Phantasm from New Zealand to find out! This ingredient is an extraction from Sauvignon Blanc grape skins and it is chalk full of thiols – What are thiols? They are organic compounds high in aromatic molecules. When added during the brewing process, it helps add to the explosion of aroma and flavour. So yes, it gets JUICY!!

To fully unlock the thiols, we use a thiolized yeast (Thiol Libre) from @escarpmentlabs to firmly punch our ticket to the tropics!

All this fun tech talk aside, Cheat Code is an insanely smooth and creamy IPA with low bitterness and ALL the tropical hop flavour. The nose will hit you hard with tropical and stone fruits, pineapple, candy and a slight spice. Enjoy this low carb hazy and gain an extra life or two!

First brew

Mar 21 2022


Hazy golden, thick white head


Tropical and stone fruits, heavy citrus notes, pineapple, sweet candy, berries, slight spice


Smooth residual sweetness with low bitterness, tropical hop flavours, citrus notes, candy and berries


Smooth and creamy, low carbonation with a big body, slight lingering bitterness, low astringencies

Key ingredients

Phantasm, malted oats, flaked oats, chit malt, El Dorado and Citra