Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.

Best Behavior

Kveik Small Pale

3.7% | 27 IBU

taproom Only

  • Citrusy herbaceousness

The pursuit of the perfect session beer continues!  This time we are continuing to play with Kveik yeast, but with a few extras!  We started with a pilsner base, but to push the body we followed with a hefty dose of flaked wheat and some cara pils.  For hops we used Bru-1 and Palisade to add some herbal and citrus notes and then added spruce tips and orange peel in whirlpool to push that nose even further.  It’s got some upfront pine, some slight bitterness and a nice semi sweet profile to go with a curvy body.  Its a super refreshing session beer and we think productivity is up at least 50%!  See ya in the taproom!

First brew

Dec 9 2019


Pale straw colour, semi-clear, thick white head


Pine, herb/grassy verging on eucalyptus, citrusy orange notes


Crisp, delayed slight bitterness, semi-sweet


Medium-high carbonation, providing a crisp finish

Key Ingredients

Kveik yeast, Bru-1, Palisade hops,spruce tips, orange zest