Eighty-Eight Brewing Co.


Sidecar Sour Saison

8.8% | 24 IBU

taproom & bombers

  • Just like the cocktail

When we were looking to fill our empty cognac barrel we knew we had no choice but to bring in the heavy hitters; brewed in collaboration with Proof, Battlecat was based on the classic sidecar cocktail! It started its journey as a base saison brewed with lemon and orange peel and was then soured with 4 different strains of lactobacillus before being aged in a Cognac barrel for 4 months. In the barrel the beer was secondary fermented with brettanomyces which added a ton of complexity and depth. The nose is citrus with oak and cognac, but once you take a sip, the acidity plays up the pepper and stone fruit. It’s truly a beast and with only 600 bottles made, it’s not going to last! 

First brew

Feb 7 2020


Gold, approaching a light amber


Orange, lemon zest, hints of oak and cognac, slight pepper notes, hints of dried apricot


Orange, lemon, cognac, pepper with a slight spicy linger, acidic


Dry, highly carbonated, medium bodied

Key ingredients

Mandarina Bavaria, lemon and orange peel, aged in a cognac barrel